(castle) Numbskull Lyrics & Chords By Iron Chic

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I've been lost before
I've seen the lights on a distant shore
(On and off) With a full moon to guide me
(Back and forth) And to pull in the tide for me
I can't feel a fucking thing.
Standing in place
Wind in my face but it can't knock me down

I'll be lost again
In all the places I've always been
(On and off) It's not hard to find me
(Back and forth) I haven't moved in weeks
I can't feel a fucking thing.
Staring out into space
Wind in my face and my feet on the ground.

(Turn it off) A whole life in front of me
(For what it's worth) So why must I drag my feet?

There's thing I still need to see
I still have songs left to sing
Places I'd die to be
While the years pile on top of me
I love how it fucking stings
It only hurts when I laugh
I do when I can
Until it tears me in half

There's a darkness inside of me
It's starting to frighten me
Cuz I don't know a fucking thing
Can't see ten feet in front of me
There's a light there to find you
It's right there inside of you

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