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What shall we do with a drunken sailor? (3x) Early in the morning Hurray, and up she rises (3x) Early in the morning Hoist to the ball with a running bowline (3x) Early more

This land is your land This land is my land From California To the New York Island From the Redwood forest To the gulf stream waters This land was made for you and me more

I'm a small man, next to a tall man But baby I'm old man, when I am with you and i'm a fool man, compare to a school man but I feel so enlighten, just studying your smile And more

Life is too far to walk alone You can’t do it on your own Its like bare hands digging through stone And if things go down much steeper hills Even money wont pay these bills more

Feels like so long ago Iade myself a simple goal Find an honest girl And hang on to my soul But the world starts moving fast You slow down, you wind up last Next you more

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