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Chihei Hatakeyama (畠山地平), born in 1978) is an electronic music artist from Tokyo, Japan. Hatakeyama's music is characteristically very slow, composed by repeatedly processing guitars, pianos, and vibraphones on a laptop. The result is a mix of droning chords and sparse single instruments rising above the mix. His music may be classified as either post-ambient experimental music or new-age music. Chihei Hatakeyama has released over 19 albums as of 2013. He released his first full-length album, Minima Moralia on Kranky in 2006 more

April Here and sapphire day Wave and window Coastal railroads in memories July Bloody mary Variation for electric guitar and vibraphone Alone dog Goodbye to luke Here it comes Dot February I am a cat Requiem for black night and earth spiders María Monologue May Footsteps to black Bare strata Grace Levistone Cordelia Power of emperor Tove Singing of insects on the road Bonfire Border feather Returning The fall rises New sun Cold utility pole Fetfatzidis The fall of the kai takeda clan Autumn leaves Euphotic 1 Salpingidis Midnight in hsinking Giannakopoulos Kulde Wind in mind What is there Before the sabbath Energy A placid mountain lake Diffuse reflection The tower of babel Uvaer Fryst Night frogs Hvit Hill folks Don’t ask what Too much sadness Coast atmosphere Negatron decay Bench in the park Crack of dawn Eternal return Sacrifice for pleasure When i discovered sounds 4 Papastathopoulos Cloud Red Cumulonimbus Rain outside my house i Crown scales Long goodbye Beatless queen Sometime Bad brothers Black duck Choose premium for the best audio experience Calm featuring – federico durand A little fairy on the cold glass Stone in my passway Vibrant color Black star Fissure stone Light snow Collapsing huge glaciers and the sun Frostwork iii Morning buddha St petersburg Stars Unknown title When you sleep Hydrangea For jc Age Half moon in cloud A hidden blue bird in iriomote island Rain on a gardenia Souvenirs A digestan abridgme of kuala mute geeks Sssdr Corona radiata Yan

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