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Frank Ocean (born October 28, 1987) is an American singer/songwriter and member of the gleefully hedonistic hip-hop collective OFWGKTA. He was born Christopher Edwin Breaux in Long Beach, California. He has helped pen tracks for Justin Bieber, John Legend, Brandy, and Beyonce Knowles over the last few years. In 2011, Ocean released his debut mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, for free via his Tumblr. Venting about his decision to drop the record his own way, he took to Twitter on March 1, 2011: "i. did. this. not ISLAND DEF JAM. that's why you see no more

Truce The city Private show Non-stop [prod. j.r. rotem] Sucka for love [prod. mansur] The city [prod. tim & bob] Street fighter You are luhh Lost angel Lost angel (no 2nd verse) Truce (prod. by the runners) Blasted Back Time machine Goldeneye Bitches talkin' Hardest thing Try Pda Done So comfortable feat. lonny breaux [prod. underdogs] Soul calibur Follow If i'm in love Miss you so Got the keys Honeybaby (ambience 002) Heartbreak + jet lag Theme song Super rich kids (ft. earl sweatshirt) U.n.i.t.y Quickly Endless Day away U got it Math Pink + white feat. beyoncé Broken pieces Pyramids (explicit) Skyline to feat. kendrick lamar When i'm done Old terror Higgs / outro Read the stars Lost [explicit] One look Wake up Frank ocean Focus Kamikaze Greedy love Analog 2 Together I need it Simply Standing still Best seller Stay if you go Overload Orion Outro Lonny Anywhere Pyrite Good decoration So comfortable Surprise ending No church in the wild Somebody else Channel orange Summer remains Bad romance Channel purple intro Let me Wildfire Tco Job Made in america Sunday Girlfriend’s best friend Explicit futura free Blonde Metal gear solid She wont say hello Channel orange full album with tracklist on screen Let me feat kyle christopher Disillusioned Sweet life album version Og ron c speaks 48 Blonde tribute Oceans Superpower New slaves Mitsubishi sony Astro Versace gold Pleasure Thinking bout you featuring kardinall offishall Provider Moon river Pink + white Dhl In my room Dear april (side a - acoustic) Cayendo (side a - acoustic)

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