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There are at least three artists known as The Internet: 1. The Internet is a hip-hop/soul duo and one of many sub-groups within the Los Angeles, California hip-hop collective OFWGKTA. It consists of Odd Future's sound engineer, audio mixer, and live DJ Syd Tha Kyd on vocals and Matt Martian of The Jet Age of Tomorrow on production. The duo released their debut LP, Purple Naked Ladies, digitally on December 20, 2011. A physical copy was released on January 31, 2012, making it the first physical release on Odd Future's own record label, more

Girl explicit Restraint Overdose Ego death Settled On the brink or bust Tellem Zombies are my neighbors Locked Jaded Pupil Internet explorer Flashlight I tried Oneoclockroomspin Deeper than blue Brett rivard and the temple of doom Fat bitches smell like roy rogers Morning in america Gloverquest La bruja Waves Tape you Nyan cat Imotep Taking the hobbits to isengard Dear god Split Summer Sequencer Series of tubes Leek spin Trogdor Cropduster Pbj Visions dior md remix Touching bass Snoop meets death cab Large hadron collider Ufos are real The password to bill gates computer The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny Goddesses アンダー・コントロール Baby hyde Bed intruder song ドンチャ Peanut butter jelly Trololo The system is down Blue jeans remix Timeless featuring nicky davey Smile more Watsyrmotivation Outlaw heart Ordinary world Milo Homestar runner theme song Ranma saotome Narwhals Star wars gangsta rap Lonely notes featuring quadron Runnin ft tay walker

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