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Montreal producer Tim Hecker made his initial breakthrough as Jetone, but followed with some incredible ambient work attributed to his born name. This experimental ambient work, released by Alien8 sublabel Substractif beginning in late 2001 with Haunt Me Haunt Me, Do It Again, won much acclaim. It also familiarised listeners with the producer himself, and not just because it featured his real name rather than a moniker: Hecker's self-titled work was much more personal than his Jetone recordings, its ideological characteristics reflecting his in...read more

Brownwedding Sufraise Knockoff n° 1 Suffocation raga for john cale Blue ember breeze Mort aux vaches live vpro march 5 2004 Bildmaschine Indigo aerial Pareidolia Radio marti The work of art x Enima Veil scans The ravedeath 1972 Ventoux Octobor part 2 Virgins full album Enyanni In the air i ii iii Excerpt Phantom on a pedestal City in flames Hymn to the idea of night Live in monreal Baallal Dream of the nightmare Drone Gallery of the invisible woman Skeleton dance Tim hecker a Mutek009 tim hecker live in montreal 2003 Mirages My love is rotten to the core An imaginary country Spectral dialectics Shosts Dropped pianos Sandstrings Tim hecker in concert on npr Love streams a2 Stags Nite ride Fantasma parastasie The chimney swifts Mtl bass Rano pano Double glazed Fear of flying Acid in the style of david tudor Octan Thousand oaks Phoedra iv Tres tres avant Only then Dakkar Castrati sack Retrieval path Stactic Wqxr mixtape

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