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Sittin at home all alone. I hear a voice on the telephone. Telling me that you're dead. You wrecked your car, you lost your head Said you had a car crash, Now you're more

To the nights we were dancing, at the spot just beyond the ponds. Eighteen years not fit to align, with the immoral sting of the moonlight. Did I bury you in the Quarry? more

(Ba da da da dada) (Ba da da da dada, da da) (Ba da da da dada) (Ba da da da dada, da da) What's it gonna take to wake me up From this black hole I've been living in? more

Even if I try to touch the dash Try to reach over Big hands on the wheel I want it to stop I want it to slow down Don't know if she wants to Don't know if she will more

What ever happened to protect and serve Cause if you get in their way you get burned And if your looking for justice don't bother Cause in the eye of the court your just more

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