Cardiac Silence Lyrics & Chords By Hot Cross

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Slip passed the first way we went about

Deciding the exact moment

When faith became doubt

Killing fields are open again, or so they

Tell me and so they kill me

Each night a new death to celebrate the blood

Violence over silence or so they tell me

But I wouldn't have it the same way you buy and sell me

Slash and slander marks a name in this game

And "it's only letters", she tells me

"Only letters that I've thrown away"

Heart stop motion, cardiac silence

For a handful of notions

Tangle the cord itself, tied back to avoid the burn

Strangle the hordes yourself

No way I'll feel you and never learn

Giving up, giving in, slipping up on trying once again

Trimmed and tethered all around

The last call to appease you all

We drink from the same glass

A courage unforeseen yet deeply suspended

Opportunity to even the score once more extended

Take from me as you will, force fed failures moving inward still

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