Cold Sag Run Marathon Lyrics & Chords By Children Of The Damned

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I pray to God to keep me sane; Blaze the herb, ease the pain, Take some time, breath again. We need a change, Instead of blottin' B again, A circle of deceit again, more

Every dialectic shapeshifts a makeshift shield of hatred I spit fire Quick fire Twist fire Roll a roach from a ripped flyer Tip toeing over ego trip wire Soft steppin more

[Jehst] I spit Liquor Soaked Sentiments lost in a scotch mist, tell 'em "don't watch this" liver turned toxic, still I burn 'what's it,' attracted to opposites, me and more

“So I'm supposed to leave you alone yeah, after the way you've been treating me today, just checking out other women, I saw you on road today looking at that woman’s arse like, I' more

Talkin' 'bout the science of social deprivation From 'ere to wherever in the council estates the mans is strugglin'. The poor lower working class. Blud, you got to sleep more

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