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Some day I hope for a lover to kill me.
It's the closest I can hope to get to anybody.
It's the closest I can come to being really free.
And it's a ring of questions on my mind lately.
Like, will I find a love that lasts as long as my life?
Or will I die before ever becoming a wife?
And I'm wondering if I'm even the marrying kind.
How can I give you my life when I know you're just gonna die?
Is there anything stronger than biology?
Is love being ruined by technology?
Now a day's commitment seems like a burden to carry.
I don't wanna think about it .
I don't wanna (I don't wanna)
Think about it (think about it)
I don't wanna (I don't wanna)
Think about it (think about it)
I don't wanna think about it.
It's too scary.
And the closest I can come to being free
is letting my lover perform experiments on me
Observe and analyze,
and empirically hypothesize.
Cuz I want to know real so desperately,
But I think it's gotta happen scientifically.
Because I'm scared, afraid of real intimacy.
You know the kind they say happens psychologically.
Dressed up like a surgeon, you cut open my heart.
Remove the brain, leave the body in charge.
No more emotions taking control.
We both pick a part and play out our role.
Further than fantasy.
Deeper than love could ever be.
Further than fantasy.
Deeper than love could ever be.
And the only best friends I ever made
were people I knew I didn't have to see every day.
The closest to true love I ever came
was with someone I kept many miles away
cuz I'm wary of eliminating distance
This could surely be the death of any romance
cuz I'm shitty and I'm lame and I'm dumb and I'm a bore.
And once you get to know me you won't love me anymore.
And that possibility worries me the most.
Not harm or abuse or becoming a ghost.
It's the closeness, the intimacy,
I'm afraid it might kill me
Further than fantasy
Deeper than love could ever be

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