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Newton-John Olivia
Soul Kiss
Emotional Tangle
The moment we met, you knew me, I felt you melt into me
Wrap 'round my heart and shake me inside
One simple conversation, such gentle communication
Love found a way in, and to my surprise
From the emotional angle, we're in an emotional tangle
And if you feel like I'm feelin', it's love
From this angle, this tangle can never be tight enough
'Til now it was easy stallin', feelin' but never fallin'
I'd always stop before it could start
Love brought our lives together, with a magic that lasts forever
And nothin' on earth can tear us apart
I just can't get enough, won't you end it up, no takin' away my appetite
So spin me in circles, pull me tighter and tighter to you
(chorus repeats out)

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