Feisty Snake-woman Lyrics & Chords By Daughters

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It was hot and the summer was cold.
Or so I am told.
I slept through it all
When I awoke, a vicious dark hung in the sky
My surroundings foreign and discomforting
I staggered to my shoeless hooves and ventured down the only path I could find.

At first there wasn't much life to be seen.
But then there she was
Like an eyesore, like a private whore
Reptile tail. Reptile female.

Serpent beauty sat upon her front porch coaxing me to her side
To go down
Then as i caressed her scaly hide I fuckin' knew I would be going down
You know the type.

She'll sell you the road, but she won't point the way home.

I only wish to tell you my story dear reader
Kind friend. It's too late for me but you still have a chance
If she finds you she will consume you
She will love you like she loved me
Then down down.
To where I fell.
Where I burn.

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