Holy Book Of Dilemma Lyrics & Chords By Every Time I Die

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Insect lust or insect love
There's no telling them apart if you're not a bug
But from down here I can see the gears
The guts of the watches, molecular tiers
Now if you're a bug in insect love
Then you only do things with other bugs
But if it's lust (and survival is a must)
Then the things you do are to other bugs

There are laws built into the nest, and this is the crux of it
But how do you apply this to the world?
We are given too much room to be expected to do only good
We are more curious than bold
And we were quiet before we went cold

Animal art or animal shit?

Boot legged thoughts or collegiate wit?
It all looks the same if it ain't holy writ
But from up here I can see the gears
Where the guts of clocks mimic the heavenly spheres.

Our mathematics and our faiths are just ways of devouring space while we continue to devolve

Separate hearts are the whole of the law

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