I'll Clap When I'm Impressed Lyrics & Chords By Dangers

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If it ain’t broke, then break it.
Destroy it.
Smash a hammer through your stucco,
Sledgehammer it.
A la Sacco,
A la Vanzetti,
A la me gone berserk
With my head in the clouds
Nursing acid rain bowels,
Me stuck in traffic after work.
Where each car seems just like a coffin,
Just like a hearse.
We just can’t go on like this:
Clinging to paychecks just like they were your mother’s tits.
(Buck by buck)
Straighten your A’s.
(Cent by cent)
Straighten your laces.
(Bill by bill)
Straighten your shirt.
We’re better.
We’re better off.
We’re better off dead
Than burning out.
Buck by buck.
Cent by cent.
Bill by bill.
Until your dead.
Pay for your water,
Pay for your gas,
You pay for everything,
Even your death.
Choking on the barrel of a gun
(Choking on the barrel of a gun)
Sounds like much more fun.
Lock, stock and choking on the barrel of a gun.
Take the motherfucking money,
I’ll spill the blood.

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