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War of the replicants
Dawn of the predators
Puffing on the tusk of an Elephant
Walk with a swagger
Talk with some venomous grammar
More heavy than Gabba
View gamma eye
Hands on the hammer right
Into the night kitchin
Cookin' up with my sex kitten
Hooking up with the next vixen
And believe me she's a vision of exquisite physical condition
Put her in a difficult position
Take a break, break a branch off for a little intermission
Now let me build and burn silver birch
Milk the Earth fill my purse like the Bilderbergs
Curse my circumstance
I crave nature
Live like Rasta, move to Jamaica
Waiting for the day that Asaviour buys karakoo(?)
Could your lame clan coming through with that bag of loot
Puffin' sag aloo with my aggy crew
My bad attitude got me this far
What you wanna do?
Mother fucker move back
Its the big pow wow shake down we break ground
Street sounds, basslines bound to move crowds
We now control shit from top to bottom
Move back, whats your problem?
Verse 2: Jehst
I'm a regular Joe Dirt
Scribbling homework
Riddling code words
My mission is covert
Rhyme with that natural shine like I'm a glow worm
Check home girl make whoopee like Goldberg's parents
Putting in a rare appearance
Loop that man I ain't scared of clearance
New cats rapping with no coherence
On road your froze, on radio your fearless
So, don't approach
Bogus personas are crushed 'cos your nuttin but a fucking cockroach (man)
I lock flows down
To mathematic equations and now, it's a one horse town
One trick pony - slain by the stranger
Paint the place red, now its hell in your neighborhood
Should have shown hospitality, all I got was hostility - I counter attack with tyranny
Hook x2
Verse 3: Jehst
(Check it) I'm out to smash shit like Greek plates and
Make moves independent as free agents
Fried egg on the pavements, the streets bakers
But we're out to achieve greatness and blaze green acres
In the grey staircases, a framework of metal and glass we're encased in
Castaway with the waste paper basket cases
Washed up
Supping a Bud on the blower like 'whats up'
Slogans for hard sell
Celebrate with my cartel bell
With the caramel red bone tone
Totally zoning off the indo smoke
The stone temple fighter pilot
Eyes ultra-violet
Ultra-violent - Like Alex at night
I move clockwork, cocksure character types
Third verse still carries the vibe, from the first
Thirst, quenched when you're drenched by the surf my flow serve
listeners ride the wave
The tidal wave
The ital's blaze
We stay heavenly
Brain still laced with the melody (ha!)
Hook x2

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