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William G. Shields, better known as Jehst or a slew of aliases including The High Plains Drifter and Jay Star, is an English rapper and co-founder of hip hop label YNR. Jehst is the best kept secret in British rap and one of the most consistent artists to break out of the UK over the last five years. This man has built a following and spawned a thousand soundalikes right across the country. Top-notch flows, unconventional subject matter and tight beats mean that the product is always at the top of tree, while his stage show is without doubt more

Staircase ii stage Baddaman Reasons Wake up Organ stab Black hole prophecies Communications Freedom fighters Under the weather Deeper concentration Jehst Braindead Whos that? Lines of defence Grizzly Bring it back Watching Minimum wage Spend it on Keepin the faith Zone The trilogy remix ft chester p Def certificate We got that raw shit Dunya Hungry Fingers deep in the weedsack Untitled Living legend Seasons of espionage Gameover Suicide Exclusive Focal point memoirs Fear Floating points for you dub Outrageous Guest spot medley Bordercrossin The dragon of an ordinary family Over madvillain accordian Riviera hustle Its all live Hardworking Pepper spray featuring kashmere and sir smurf lil Findaz keepaz Junq waffle The bodyclock

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