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Oh, take me higher All the way to the sun Down to the wire Fighting's only begun It's closing in on you Closing in on you Run from the fire raining down on you It' more

Sometimes I stop my moves, watchin' myself a man child with responsability I've become so, an idiot with feelings I'm not so fashionable, i'm fussy and critical more

Quests and questions. Heretic emotions, the driving force. The source of course, supports the foundation. It seems it's a near miss and replaces uniqueness. A patient more

You don't want to talk about it 'cause you know that there's nothing to say Your policies are fucked so we're going away We say that it's wrong, wrong, wrong You say that it' more

I have always been so proud of my honest heart So naturally the truth flows from my mouth Of course I have lied my share of times in my life But it's pulling the teeth they more

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