Psalm 82 Lyrics & Chords By Cannibal Ox

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I said Allah is seen and heard
Like Ibrahim
When he came to lead the herd
Hey, hey, hey
I said Allah is seen and heard
Like Elijah
When he came to spread the word
Thinking what's most plausible
Kickin' that digital audible
Gettin' through periods transitional
Beggin' you to move, consider it truth
Especially through the fixation of elusion
How could we take it when moving on
Is the only way to escape when the pressure seems close
Feeling luke warm
From heating and having it
Streaming in and carrying
Noticing the clouds gathering gaze, the preparation for storm
When everything comes to a halt
Visualize travelling as vivid memories comes together
Like pixels on plasma screens
Tryin' for a chance to settle in
Life is fast paced
As new ideas start to gravitate
Havin' a way is a disapproval
The best way is to move through
Jesus on a crucifix
This is why the devil is trapped on six
And to get yourself outta hell
You gotta say my name backwards like Mxyzptlk
Hold up, did I mention
I like to fight imps from the fifth dimension
It's like the clash of Gods and Titans
IGC's are crimsing
I taught Caesar how to crush a grape
I'm like Musa; civilizing a planet of apes
You will never ever rap better than me
I'm where the politicians eat rats like V
Plus I'm thrice as mean, nahmean
I'm Dimethyltryptamine
So don't ever think of crushing me
Cause it's olley olley oxen free

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