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You're in my house, you're in my clothes.
And no one knows, knows
You're in my head like a dumb song
It just goes, goes

You're on my face, you're on my lips
And it shows, shows
I should be happy and I am

I want you close to me

You're like a simile, like, totally
You're like a metaphor for something else
You're like the ocean floor, vast and cool
You're like a swimming pool

But not as blue, and I fell in
So take my hand, swim around
Kiss me hard, until I drown

I wanna be your shirt
I can hug you while you work
I wanna be your wife
You can beat me every night

Our new life, a book to write
Every page is blank
I am sick, sick of this
Every page is blank

I wanna be your shirt
I can hug you while you work
I wanna be your wife
I can watch you every night

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