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Somewhere out in India, fuckin' rappin' and shit
(La musica de Harry Fraud)
I'm so New York
Yeah I'm heavy in the streets
I'm so New York
Yeah I'm heavy in the streets
I'm so New York
Yeah I'm heavy in the streets
I don't need to speak
I don't need to speak, bruh
I'm so New York, I still don't bump 2Pac
Label executives, stay saying I'm too sharp
All these women in my ears, stay saying I'm too smart
When I go to AA man, I always feel too dark
I'm too fun, I'm a storm, a Toofon
That's why your girl on top like a futon
Bae a ballerina, she dance in a tutu
Men stay harassing her, I copped her a .22
Yeah ma, we could sip the best espresso
Heemy got the best flow, they say I'm the best bro
And you, you something very special like a fresco
The crib Punjabi Greco, the shoes all gecko
Just let go, and get low, they gas you up like petrol
Me? I don't need to do that, see I'm very special
You never met a fella, someone like me
Fuck the Tarantino, It's the Hindu Spike Lee
I'm so New York, yeah I'm heavy in the streets
Like the Chevy in the street, bruh, I don't need to speak, bruh
I'm like Shiva, I roll around with freaks
I'm on my playa playa yeah, I roll around with freaks
I'm with ya girl, we just roll around in sheets
And it's crazy how the weed just get rolled around in sheets
I'm with them brown boys, we roll around so deep
I'm somewhere out in Queens, where we roll around in Givenchy
Himanshu, you lucky if he wants you
Uh, I move mountains for my brothers like I'm Hanuman
They should build a monument, that the type of shit I'm on
I'm about my family and money like the Mafia
Bruh, I'm still with your family at the opera
I'm a Soprano bitch, I might be Tony
Huh? Motherfucker you don't know me
I'm so New York yo, I live with my momma
Had to leave Williamsburg and all the white drama
Had to leave my home, they kept calling me Osama
Had to leave my home, cause of drones and Obama
I don't need to speak, bruh
I don't need to speak, bruh

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