Victory Surrender Lyrics & Chords By Ostara

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Could it be the worst shall fall And misery's gloom be the heir to life? Is there a choice between life and its end? Must we choose what hastens to fulfill the loss? more

I'd like not to know that instict Which is guiding you... Am I guilty as you are? It's the same guilt that beats you on the back That crushes on your more

We slip as stones Across this sea To dreams we've lived And dreams we'll see With emptiness, a faded hue In lost moments In vortex with you Left behind to wallow more

I saw a pyre of black sunflowers Trapped in a swarm of moths And swallows crying heimve / heimat Hovering on the storm Soaring above the golden corn So gracefully And more

Way Home... The chains are broken The hearts are free All you mothers dry your tears Dry your tears we're coming home Way Home... The drummer silent more

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