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I still feel it,
what died in you is burning inside.
What awaits when the flame dies out,
a 9 to 5 to define my life?
Another wave comes and goes,
Convictions washed away with the tide.
And we're left with the pieces
of what you left behind.
Am I making a change,
or have I changed myself?
Am I breathing life,
or wasting my breath?
So here's your medal for growing up
and I'll show you the door.
I can only hope that you at least
take what you learned from us when you leave.
I'll be damn sure you'll never destroy
what we've worked so hard to achieve.
My mind's still a weapon against the
outside world trying to fight its way in.
The flame still burns.
Can you say the same?
The hands of time
are tight around my neck.
Counting down the days
until this anger fades away.
Can't turn my back on what we've built
to go through phases so unfulfilled.
What's been passed down, still tight in my grasp
And I'll carry this torch until I fucking collapse.

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