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In Gowan Ring is the musical endeavour of American composer and multi-instrumentalist B'eirth. Started in the early 1990s, In Gowan Ring plays acoustic songs with strong roots in folk, medieval, and psychedelic music. B'eirth's soft voice is accompanied by (among other instruments) guitar, harp, piano, cello, bodhrán and many of his own instrument creations (citterns, guitars, hybrids, etc.). In Gowan Ring has cooperated with many artists from the international folk and experimental scenes, such as: Stone Breath, Maja Elliott, Nick Castro, more

Huge and luminous Young souls The wandering boy In precarious flight Gently johnny Message in a bottle Strawberry girl In the dream of the queen bow star Sur le caveau 3 The carnival is empty Mad michael Webs among the din Zephyr through the willows Listless midnight Webwork begins The trip goes on Baby asleep The vegetable man Cupid come Wheel of fortune Osiris Backward climbing Circle round the sun Keep it with mine Lonely prophet blues Nancy Cruel sister Adi shakti i Li´l sir john Arcadia Nature boy Great omniscent nap and the myriad regal mysteries therein Hazel steps through a weathered home Grace walks west Well below the valley Fauna of the dances Nightingale White angel Hands full of days Fifteen men Chanson de prevert The march of brian boru Wisps of wind Again My lagan love Presence Evening air Dream box Song for isabel Snowcloud Two magicians How the hours Persephone awakens No other Seven sevens Visneagh Follow me up to carlow Caught within the tendrils of the vine Tothrum I Sonnet Pastime with good company New joy Cold rain and snow Over hills and valleys I lay stretched on your grave Walter de la mare poem The western wind Death of a maiden Prayer for osiris October´s song Prelude Speech Sleepy farewell May morning dew Silver dagger Diaspora Strength of strings Gypsy rider Feet of clay Onward napland is at hand Old ray of sisters A magic lace game Patchwork woman Stray summer song In gowan ring Empty corner of the page Hot june night Left hand Nocturne Hatched in stone Chime Moon lullaby Nothing more Moon remains The moon is shining on my guitar La danse des ténèbres Phobia Watch the water spill Moon bathed meadow Hidden track A cupbearer Walnuts meditation Whisper in the pine My rockabilly girl A secret heart Where the sun keeps shining A song in spring Scarborough fair Introduction invocation Jacob fleet Moon boat Reckoners theme i I wish i was a girl On the bank of the silvery brook

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