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Sol Invictus is an English neofolk and neoclassical group fronted by Tony Wakeford. Wakeford founded Sol Invictus in order to pursue his own musical ideas. He was an original member of Crisis and Death In June with Douglas P.. He formed Sol Invictus in 1987, working with Ian Read and Karl Blake. He has been the sole constant of the group, as it continues to bring forth new forms and conceptions. Wakeford has described Sol Invictus as a "cabaret band from Hell for the fin-de-siècle" and has referred to his work as folk noir. He has said more

In god we trust Gealdor Driftwood thrones Hundreds Gonesville The thrill is gone In the blink of a star All's well in hell Toys The bad luck bird Fools ship The wild hunt - something grim this way comes The path less travelled From the wreckage April rain Above us the sun 13 mercies Stella maris Double cross Did you see Cruel lincoln The coffin road Something's coming The cruelest month Invocation Mr cruel King & queen A palace of worms Our father Austin Osman Spare The widow Paths Time to meet the king Down the road slowly The angel Light me the candle The wheel of the sun Hammer or the anvil Cupid and death i La nuit est arrivee Jardin de luxembourg Heaven and hell A sadness song Welcome Chimes La croix Audiomachine Lands across the sea Ginnungagap iii Hagalaz iii Thurisaz i O virgo splendors The colour of midnight Memory What price London Devouring angel

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