Donny's Woods Lyrics & Chords By Drug Church

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Kid falls in the water
Kid drowns in the reservoir
Mom sees front door cop
Breaks down in the yard
Town does a midnight vigil
Cries then hits the bars
Kid watches from the roof
Masturbates at the thought
Who cares about you man?
Kid can't go home now
Kid lives in the woods
Town forgot all about it
Mom left for good
Locals built a shrine
Just to tear it down
Kid isn't laughing now
Kid isn't jerking off now
Hand on your pecker
But the town fucked you better
Locals built a shrine but it slowed traffic down
Locals built a shrine and gave up on the town
Locals built a shrine but it's a Subway now
Kid in the woods lives on the fridge
He cooks what he hunts
Just out of eyeshot
Of those fast forgetting cunts

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