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I told you to call me when I'm good and dead.
But you didn't listen, you wanted love instead.
Now I'm just thinking what you could have said,
but you figured out my name, three times, I'm dead.
Let me hear her name, I bet it sounds like shame.
Let me hear his name, I bet it tastes like rain.
Jesus can't save you and neither can I.
I put this spell on you, you're gonna taste like wine.
Brother there's no morning here, only sunset eyes.
Sister you know what you feel is gonna taste like a lie.
Let me hear their names. I bet they full of shit.
Let me hear our names. I bet we never win.
I told you to kiss me, but you didn't hear me.
Now we're both stuck here, you and me.
So put me underground and fill this hole.
The dirt's all good here, I'm the king of worms.

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