No Has Never Had 3 Letters Lyrics & Chords By The Kodan Armada

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BRENT - this isn't how life is supposed to be, cascading downward, everyone is my new enemy. there's nothing left to lose, I've already lost everything. the male stereotype isn't all it's cracked up to be. I refuse to live that lie. rediculed because of those not like me. I am not the same, I am not the same. I'll strive to make things better. I have to help you be safe again. I'll pick up the pieces to make you feel whole again.
DAN - *dear sister, I'm sorry, so fucking sorry. dear sister, I'm sorry, so fucking sorry. I should ahve been there. I'm so sorry, and I will try to piece you back together. it's going to be okay. we are going to be okay. let's just keep saying that. I will be there for you. again and again. (*these are not the lyrics on the record, but the ones I say now.)
CORY - unable to sleep at night wondering if it will happen again, maybe, maybe just lost. will these arms be able to keep them away. someday. someday, someday you'll feel pretty. life is a constant battle with myself. ridiculed because of those like me. I am not the same. I am not the same. society's cursed me with a standard. take back the pieces, make me whole again x1000.
ADAM - it never ends, this brutal cycle. please take her tears away, please make her whole again.

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