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Chtěl bych mít kapelu ze samejch pankáčů Já bych s tou kapelou přijel k vám před dům Tam by ta kapela z plnejch sil zadula Aby jsi věděla že už je sedum Jakpak more

A Wild dog speeding On the bastard sun A downward situation And it stinks like a bum Class isn't over It's just begun So get up neighborhood Neighbor-neighborhood more

I'm on the wagon now But she doesn't know I'm getting high on the down low Cuz when I got the new thing I got no place to go Unless I got a bottle in me I'm in a Cadillac more

MONSTER wenn ich ein kleines, kugelrundes, grünes monster wär wär das leben nicht so öde und es wär auch nicht so schwer lange weile würd's nicht geben das wär more

I shouldn't lived in this part of town Human nature sure has let me down Segregation, does it ring a bell? Well, I've gotta name that you can't spell, can't spell Oh yeah, more

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