Sons Of The Night Lyrics & Chords By Coldburn

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the moon is rising up on earth
sky has changed from blue to black
there's an army coming down the way
determined to fight
with knives and flames
a pack of wolves from hell
the sons of the night show their teeth
to bury the plague and burn what remains
we, the sons of suffering
out to tear down one thing
the ones who reign the night
tonight this is the last big fight
never fit into your roles
we're ending up the endless prowls
searching for treacherous snakes
to ruin all unfounded hate
after all consumed by fire
the ground is cluttered up with graves
only leaving clouds of haze
the battle is lost, but the fight still goes on
caught in a never ending struggle
over and over again
this world is empty
still full of scum
this world is empty
all signs of hope are gone
we are the sons of the night
gates of hell are opened up
we're those who suffer pain
survived the fight and reign the night
forever life
forever struggle
forever bound

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