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Where did they come from? Why are they here? Hi-tech piranhas With Bluetooth barnacle ears Living breathing biohazards Spit their money in everyone's face Worship more

Don't know how to cope With these empty feelings Struggling in this world Life can be so hard Trying to make it through To keep my stability Lift my head out of the water more

Gás - Gás, Bomba - Bomba Vamos enfrentar, vamos enfrentar!! Todos na rua vamos gritar Contra o facismo, temos que enfrentar Enfrentar!!! Gás - Gás, Bomba - Bomba more

There's war in the headlines, war in the heads Of the leaders who feed us til we're overfed We're not hungry anymore for your diet of war Malnutrition for the global poor more

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Não há mais soldados para esperar Que voltem da guerra para o seu lar Não voltam a ver, não podem falar Não voltam a sentir, não podem escutar Que a guerra acabou A more

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