The Muffle Coffin Lyrics & Chords By Edward Scissortongue

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(featuring J-Live) "Give it up! But - it's - just - no - use!" [Chorus: sample] "Give it up! Oh Lord.... give it all to you I try, but - it's - just - no - use!" more

[17 seconds of samples] What, I just wanna lay you back Nah, you ain't gotta count my stack Nah, it ain't goin down like that Damn yo' ass is fat I just wanna more

Repeat x2 All my life All my life All my life Poor poor man. [Fliptrix] I see many people suffering Stuck in da gutter rummaging Clucking for something just to more

Tip your cups, to the late night writing binge Of stagefright, another playwrite dies again I reach for great heights and play my violin On my vocal chords where the great more

Smoke shit, daddy what you know about it? Pimp shit, what you know about it? So what you know about it? Eight ball corner pocket, my hustle: can't knock it The game more

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