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Teachers who saw their education as a blessin
Come to school now all in a sort of depression
All o' da kids in the class, they all stressin
The teacher's just waitin for that first kid to test him
So school doesnt seem like its any kind of lesson
We're out on the streets tryina make our possession
The manor that we're from has turned like spaghetti western
With itchy fingers on da triggers ready for the pressin and its...
Pure depression, I'm standin at the crossroads,
Thinkin bout all the other children of the lost souls
And now we only aim for goals that we can see
Another brudda thought he saw his future shottin B
He's 19 an' he's caught wid a half a Kee
So now he aint comin home until he's 33
What a waste of a life
Jus' like a criss girl I knew who fucked man for a taste of pipe
No-one's ready to face up to these fights
But you find some mad shit on these council estates at night
So lock your shit down safe an tight
And stand firm like a soldier so you dont lose face, alright?
The police patrol the streets like beasts
Instead of chasin the theifs they pull us up and give us beats
So we run these streets red, kids are holdin their head
As they drivin around on their stolen peds
They're just dealin the cards that life has dealt em
Half of their crews are now lockdown in Feltham
Schools an' probation just cant seem to help dem
The law has made sure that they've grown to resent dem
Dont ask them now what is their life representin
To get through their day is their sole intention
An you cant tell them that they're wrong
Coz they're all men-child and feel they know whats goin on
They havent got no time to enjoy jus bein young or havin fun
They out there keepin it headstrong
They couldnt let Skinnyman come and advise them
They look at me as if my words was patronisin
They cant think about no long term plans
When they just young boys tryin to be some o' da mans dem
They cant think about no long term plans
When they just young boys tryin to be some o' da mans dem...

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