Transsylvania Lyrics & Chords By Ostara

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I see your grave in a field of stars,
And my darkness is revealing
A face of masks,
A graven heart,
Tear it apart,
I see your face
In a plaintive light
And my silence is confessing,
To buried truth, the cult of youth,
Gentile and cruel,
If you give yourself
To a life of dreams
You will find that you are reeling,
Nightmares will be born,
Nightmares have been borne,
If you give yourself
To a life complete
You will find that you are dreaming,
Nightmares have been borne,
Nightmares must be born,
And lo, it's the night of the soul,
You keep turning and turning
To the edge of the world,
So low, the light of the soul,
You keep burning and burning
Until the end of the world,
Is this destiny calling again,
Mourning again, mourning again?
I see you march in a field of green,
Holy land of gloom and sorrow,
The song sublime, the death divine,
All clash with the times,
But here inside
Where all secrets hide,
I can see your arches rising,
In green decay and ashen grey,
Broken away

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