Artist: Pierrepoint


Pierrepoint's lyrics & chords

Pierrepoint was a German music project in 1992 by David Kirvel and Tom Leppkes Pierrepoint (Kirvel David & Tom Leppkes ) 1992: Pierrepoint (MC) 1993: call and warning (MC) 1993: Slice of Death (CD) 1994: Eibon (EP) Pierrepoint (David Kirvel) 1995: The Being (CD) 1997: Final Scan (CD) 1997: Idolized (EP) 1997: Live @ The Celtic Circle Festival (CD-R) 1999: Pulsing Redlight / Reconstruct (Promo) 1999: Pulsing Redlight / Reconstruct (CD) 2000: Deleted Tracks From Earth (CD) 2000: Technoid Beats For A Paradox Movement (CD) 2002: Noizefloor (CD) ...read more

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