The Peoples Republic Of Europe

Artist: The Peoples Republic Of Europe


The Peoples Republic Of Europe's lyrics & chords The Peoples Republic of Europe started on the 4th of June 2000, when exploring the posiblities of sound manipulation in Cubase VST 3.5. The first album "Cumulonimbus" was recorded on this day, and the following, and does consist of 6 experimental tracks in a darkambient tradition. One of the songs (Matter antimatter) reached a number one spot in the mp3 list. After this, work started on a second album. Initially named "The united Soviet states of America". 3 songs were created , more

Dusk Altocumulus Painslut Comrades of north korea Into the dangerzone Redline Iron honour The glory of lenin Dreck aus dem westen Pax europiana Requim and rebirth Course oblivion Pig Entartete kultur Superstringtheory The red dawn Rabbit trap Decimated Chtulhu rising Krach Decibel debt Uzumaki Master noise Bulldozer False awakening Fimoclay Time bomb Prx3tv41 Dark vortex Triggerpoint Consensual The corridor Time in a fluid state Thirst The siege of washington dc All lies Bigger beat The soviet state of alaska Pump exercise Last man standing Yeah yeah yeah The other side of the universe Mask of sanity After dark Into battle Eat dirt Supermassive black hole The temple Darkness prevails Subspace Overlord Function creep Call of the illuminati Oppression Sonical vanishing point The empty city Carved in basalt War rig Soul void New sonar system Sexslet Tanzflache zerstort World shatterer Fundamentalist Ghost in the machine Debt slaves Energy Darkstyle Monsterkill Pathogen Chthon Dragonteeth We r who we r Scapism Proximity Feel the power Smell of sulpher State surveillance Enlighten me Asylum Doom technology System shock Someone strange Android daggering Mocking it up Call hax Rammer The doom of jhera Bad code Usurper Movement ii Acid rain Dirty combat King of the flies Work it Stainless steel Crash course Demon children Your pain The third Bonk Workforce Powersurge Techna zina Let me go Not a human voice An der schone schwarze styx Going to hell Zero tolerance Neues europa Motorik Like it raw Weak Theme from project warfare Technique Filthy boss Reign of terror Juchethe peoples republic of europethe peoples republic of europe Summer of rage single edit Hexagon Your children will be next Accelerator Defend Dawn of the apocalypse Universequake Psydoom Densely packed hitlers Anger management Armageddon drone Membrane theory Stretched with movement Belter creole Rush No remorse Gravity machine Eldfjall symphony Casterblaster Hell part one Transhuman Flat beat Large hadron collider Kaal Storm mix Machines of doom Da funk Sub domain Wat hebben wij een geluki

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