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Vromb (recording alias for Hugo Girard, real name Mario Girard) is an electronic music act from Montreal (Quebec) Canada. Vromb has been international active since early 1990's. In the independent underground electronic music scene Vromb has a solid reputation. Vromb creates a unique sound consisting of industrial music, minimal techno rhythms, dense music layers and sci-fi sounds. It sometimes also includes the voices of his fictional character, Professeur Heurel Gaudot. Vromb's solid reputation as a unique artist is legendary amongst fans of...read more

On achève bien les rockers Ambiorhythme Le pavillon des oiseaux Fonds marins objets trouvés Playing with dildos I am gay I eat feces My mother is a white slave Bunker des abeilles Incestfistfucking The first time my brother sodomized me Who is my father ? Rules of prostituition You don´t know me Mécaniblock pilote Audio=telephonisme Électrouble Le russe Pulsion Bonus track

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