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Nothin' out here, what Negative forces force us to live lawless Spit rawness Nothing out here for us Uh, uh, ain't no glamourisation... Yo' yo' yo' more

I pray to God to keep me sane; Blaze the herb, ease the pain, Take some time, breath again. We need a change, Instead of blottin' B again, A circle of deceit again, more

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Talkin' 'bout the science of social deprivation From 'ere to wherever in the council estates the mans is strugglin'. The poor lower working class. Blud, you got to sleep more

[Chester P Hackenbush (Chester P chats in the back ground then starts rapping)] When the police pull you over (Wha Blow) When you see a guy you know you tell 'im (Wha Blow) more

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