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How do expect me to sleep at night Knowin my people ain t eatin right Gimme a mic I ll strike with heat like a meteorite Fuck the media hype Scribes sniping at me and mine more

[Skinnyman] I don't wanna blow up, throughout every era I've been here So far the underground circuit has been fair The home of hip hop, can you say you've been there? Home' more

Colossal Insight {Colossal, man} Invites the soul {Inviting of the soapbox} Sturdy after good food {More sturdy} Colossal Insight {Colossal!} Invites the soul {Inviting more

Got them Props, shows been rocked, Ode to the greats the tapes The boom box and to the bus stop the bootlegs are hot the Days fade away won't stay on the block (Adlib: On more

Verse 1 Yo, if i reach a boiling point roll me a joint. heads or tails, let me toss my coin. If it lands on tails then im bringing em' hell. Beating them pussies straight more

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