I Have Seen Mountains Lyrics & Chords By Gatherer

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How does it feel now that I'm back at home?
Who created the distance within these roads?
It's so fucked to not remember what it feels like
to be touched or missed.
And now I reminisce on days that we spent
living in a pool of our sweat.
When you're stuck being lonely,
it takes an awful lot to get through this.
I won't pretend that this is for everyone.
I wonder, who are we to pull you apart again?
When you're back with the one you love
instead of living on the phone.
What happened to "you'll always be my friend"?
How does it feel now?
Were you afraid to leave the one you love?
Was it the dreams that you gave up for this?
It should never be brought to this.
But we engineer our lives.
Would you change this at all?
This is the loneliest that you've felt in life
but we haven't gone yet.
And when you get back,
how will we find the means to start again?
It's burned into me, a 12 hour drive.
It was you and I on top of Colorado.
Singing songs that meant so much;
wish I had those days back now that I'm home.

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