What If I Can't Lyrics & Chords By Gatherer

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Where's hope when half the time
you are dying to give up and give in to real life?
All the maps indicate it's time to go home.
Or do we rally on until the end
ignoring what our fathers said.
We'll never grow old just like them.
Do I stick to my dreams; the one I set for myself?
Though they're so far apart.
Must have been something somebody said.
I'm sorry that I am not sure.
Kills me to think that this all could just end without closure.
An entire book finished without its final chapters.
Then there are times like tonight;
swinging in a basement with my best friends for
50 kids who give a shit about the songs I wrote
about not growing up and never giving in.
Those summer songs,
dog days we spent living miles apart from the ones that we love.
Let this fade into memory;
wash up ashore on the sands of my sleep.

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