Something Less Than Intended Lyrics & Chords By Portraits Of Past

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Remember those ideals, mom and dad? we're them. remember carefree friendship, oh those great times. living like the stars, just playing with our hearts, how cute. predestined predestined i[m predestined. let's play scapegoat, let's play martyr. pretty intention. let's be living dead. ok, i'm going to fuck you over now. it's like i'm living someone else's life. ok, i'm going to fuck you over now, but i know, i'm not "them". flashy packaging leads me to believe in the novelty of my own being. evolving into enemy into trash into self. look at this hand, would i hurt someone? the tongue will brand, regardless. looking in the mirror, i'd trust that face. prusing for reflection, you'd be a fool too.

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