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Verse 1 Yo, if i reach a boiling point roll me a joint. heads or tails, let me toss my coin. If it lands on tails then im bringing em' hell. Beating them pussies straight more

I'm advocating alphabetic assaults on a mans amazement Absorbing any amount of attacks from any assailant Assassinating adversaries amputating their arms And astronomic more

Yeah Phi-Life Cypher, Millennium 2000 conquests Attacking the iluminati, check it out Were gonna chase them Crazy Balheads outa we town Outa we town ah what we do Chase more

(Intro) Dettwork south east, Yeah yeah yeah yheah Original south London trooper, Blak Twang, live from the big smoke, Thames link, London connections, watch the ride or more

Yo Yo Yo Yo my nigga My rhymes been shining Even the moon dont shine like my verse Even the stars in the sun dont shine like this [Chorus] The shining, The shining, The more

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