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War Ready
Rich Gang
Hey look man
I got a ruger on me now
I got like four baby choppers
Know what I mean?
I feel like Osama in this motherfucker
Bin Laden that is
You want war, we ready
We got guns plus machetes
You don't want no beef, no spaghetti
Premium gas no unleaded
Ain't tryna preach like a reverend
I want to see if she ready
Click clack bang, fire fire, ayy
Shooting the eagle, no desert
Painted my house all white, DMX like in Belly
I see that red call light that means she just left a message
All of my niggas war ready
Some of you niggas be scary
Cause if it comes down to it, boy you niggas ain't ready
Stick em', Hand gun, All of em look like sweaters
Aretha Franklin, East Atlanta, nigga I'll take you there
My best friend is Ben Franklin, no more for [?]
Bitches, who they fuck with, me, you should see how them bitches act now
I'm war ready at all times, y'all niggas just small time
I was standing on the block, yeah I was on the corner dealing small dimes
Baby girl don't suck this motherfucking dick if ya ass don't motherfucking know how
It's another story if you know how to ride dick, girl I ain't gon tell you slow down
Shawty real freaky, nutted in her face both times
Nawl this ain't all of my bullets I got some more rounds
Shawty wanna charge for pussy but I'm like woah now
Like a little darling shawty stay wanna go out
No roof, roof, top missin' on a lil coupe, coupe
2 door that is, I'm a big dog, got kujo status
Anybody in the water, the Atlantic, Ocean
Ruger, Uzi, Omar Epps, boy I'm in too deep
I just took it, yeah we kept it, boy we play for keeps
MJ on my front line no bandaid they bleeding
Gave that boy the run around, faked em then I trick em
All this money, all this clientele, I had all the dope
Fucked her, why she had to go and tell all them nat-nat hoes
You in it for the money, bitch you ain't come up with me
Put you in a Bentley, you was in a Honda Civic
Dick in her mouth like a cavity, I'm the dentist
Baby I'm the hot dog, you can be the relish
Put it in her stomach, nigga I'mma make her feel it
Fifty guns boy I'm war ready
All or nun nigga, I'mma bet it
Everything nigga I'll bet it
Hate to see me on your best day nigga my wost day
Popping bottles like a motherfucking birthday
Give that thot bitch a cup of water
Cause I know she thirsty
Amen, let the church pray

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