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Barefoot and pregnant-
cooking his dinner obey his demands-
he's the breadwinner he comes home from work and slaps her around forces her to fuck-
then leaves her on the ground,
life without parole in this domestic prison,
since you said"i do"
-your life has been hell, macho, sexist, bigot
-captor of his cell never speak up
-play the helpless role, do what he wants
-hes swallowed your soul
(chorus), macho attitudes stem from inner fears
your forced to hide your emotions, never showing
tears.From the way you were raised to the image on
the screen, your true feelings still remain to be
seen, lash out in embarassment, your egos been
deflated, end dominance before it becomes
instated, break free of the chains, we want no gods
or masters, no one to be enslaved by chauvenist
bastards, domestic slavery-shall become the
past, destroy restrictions-liberate at last might
isut right-trust and honesty, love and
compassion-distributed equally

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