Live February 1998 Lyrics & Chords By His Hero Is Gone

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When will the madness end? Surrounded by robots consumed Living dead. automation carves a whole for our lives to crawl Into. replace: wires replace fingers replace more

A change of heart is natural they say And you've known about it of course Escaping with sophistry, that's too cheeky You turn down your past and present I know you'll do more

Kedjad, slagen medvetslös av mörker Blodig, någon annans sjuka njutning Trasig och ensam med bakbundna händer I ett främmande rum med utslagna tänder Frigjort more

The scent of hell is on her lips The taste on your tongue you never forget Lift up her robes Snake covered thighs Finger the darkness The witch's cry Inside of her more

Live in a labyrinth, live in a maze Twisted and broken; worn out and thrown away In search for more time, in search for a meaning Break my back, you just wanna get it off, more

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