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So let's sum it up I don't know nothing And that's the only truth there is While I was wasting my life Trying to find the right steps for the dance against time pretending to take the heavy walk while living the excuse, the lie and the crime I was hoping for someone, someone that would be pleased by my disregard armed with the meanest coat, I separated emotions from reason and shattered my smiles apart I turned around and saw there was nothing at all My head and self esteem, against the wall Even the oddest gods only led me astray took everything I thought I knew and threw it away I just don't like to be the one who walks the line Though I became conscious of not knowing nothing In the presence of the foe, in the presence of truth I have to admit life's a decline, I lost my spine The fury I turn on everyone else is a cry for rescue The cry for company I never wanted Helplessly I embrace the chaos inside of me The anger grows and grows and grows, can't set it free There's somethings wrong I feel alone I'm dead and gone

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