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I'm a little pissed off, and a little bit cross At the shit that we live in with a bitter twist, lost With ridiculous costs when you live in pig troughs And you're more

Teachers who saw their education as a blessin Come to school now all in a sort of depression All o' da kids in the class, they all stressin The teacher's just waitin for more

Morning of my fifteenth birthday Shoplifting celebratory sweets from Safeway No sooner have I left the supermarket I get collared Secret door, upstairs, check out my more

Don't ever hand me a dead mic, hand me a light and a Red Stripe Before you end up Colombian neck tied Run from your death get caught in the next life Hit with a very heavy more

I'm the spaceman cowboy Psychedelic psychic Paranoid schizoid Counting all my vices I'm fighting all my blessings I'm caught up in a crisis Although my sleep' more

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