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Colossal Insight {Colossal, man} Invites the soul {Inviting of the soapbox} Sturdy after good food {More sturdy} Colossal Insight {Colossal!} Invites the soul {Inviting more

Verse 1 Yo, if i reach a boiling point roll me a joint. heads or tails, let me toss my coin. If it lands on tails then im bringing em' hell. Beating them pussies straight more

Teachers who saw their education as a blessin Come to school now all in a sort of depression All o' da kids in the class, they all stressin The teacher's just waitin for more

Nigger listen, when I spit on the rhythm, I kill em, Raw like the Ball of Brazilians, You don't want war, cor the kids brilliant, Blood, I'm the heir to the throne, more

Yo! Im on the search for knowledge. They're lookin' at me like Earth to Thomas. Bright star, each bar is like a burning comet. Ex-herbaholic surfin' on a tidle wave. damn more

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