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I'm a little pissed off, and a little bit cross At the shit that we live in with a bitter twist, lost With ridiculous costs when you live in pig troughs And you're more

Yeah, less of that soppy bullshit Lets try and liven things up a little bit Yeah, your back in tune to your favourite wanker Hahahaha, make noise if your bored of your life more

If I make it till tomorrow, I'll be surprised (I'll be surprised), (I'll be surprised) If I make it till tomorrow, I'll be surprised (I'll be surprised), (I'll be surprised) more

Straight on the beat, I'm bangin' long time plannin' they can't stand the way I'm just hangin' around and I'm llamin' but they're not mannin' up to the challenge. You ain' more

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It's the million militant picture paintin, quick debatin' I hit terrain my trainers grip the pavin' The city's depraved decayed, quick to cave in I kick the greatest game, more

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